Lunges Techniques

This is an ideal exercise for the legs. Most of the time, a perfect lunges technique requires precision and effort of doing the workout right. There are many people doing the lunges techniques as workouts but some have it all wrong. The main things involved in a lunges technique is the coordination and balance which is a critical exercise for sports and muscle development. One can start with dumbbell version which is the simplest and easiest. The following steps are to be followed:

  1. Ensure that you have to two dumbbells on your both hands. This ensures even distribution of the weight to be lifted hence effectiveness of the workout is guaranteed.
  2. You can step forward with one leg ensuring that your upper body is down. Then bend your leg but near not too far. The advisable distance is a range of two to two and a half feet.
  3. Keep the front shin facing perpendicularly to the ground and ensure that you knee doesn't go beyond your toes as you come down.
  4. Then push up and then go back then repeat the same with the other leg or do the same push up technique exercise again and again switching the legs every now and then.
  5. Ensure that you keep your upper body vertical throughout the work out for proper balancing.
  6. Then go down till the bottom of your knee nearly touches the ground.
  7. It is important to sit back while at this work out as it will prevent one from leaning way too forward.
  8. If you can avoid standing all the time you do this exercise, the safer it will be for you since stepping forward may stress your knee too much. Then repeat these exercises more often on one leg then do the same on the other leg.
In other terms, while doing this exercise it is advisable to do it within your capacity and if you can get a good body weight trainer then the better.